Forgot my mittens

mitten.jpgDamn. I should have learned from last night. It is a crisp slap in the face when you hit that cold air!

Speaking of mittens, one nice thing about the winter is an excuse to wear gloves on the train. I hate touching the grab rails and seats on the subway, but in the winter you can just wear gloves! No need to touch that gross stuff with your bare hands.

Note to self…mittens mittens mittens.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Forgot my mittens

  1. Hi Subwayblogger,

    I’d like you to know that I’ve been conducting a massive hunt for a decent pair of mittens and so far I can’t find any. I’m not talking about the everest hiking mittens at EMS, and I’m not talking about overly expensive thin knit mittens at Jack Spade, I’m looking for some lightweight thinsulate mittens. I used to get them at the Flea market on Broadway next to the now defunct Tower Records, but thats closed and I’m screwed.

    Tonight I’m taking it to the streets to hit the Union Square Xmas thing, and the Lincoln Center Outdoor Market. I’ve been to almost every store in Soho, waded through the throngs in chinatown (nice hats though…) and hit the bigger Filenes-based stores, and nothing. This is a problem we as new yorkers are not formally addressing and I don’t understand why. Down with gloves, down with glittens, stop the presses, give me MITTENS!


    Dave Pinke


  2. Dave,

    It seems to me like this year’s holiday fairs in Bryant Park, Union Square, and Columbus Circle were nothing but hat/mitten stands. Every where I turned, it was another booth with hats, gloves, mittens, scarfs. But I think they were mostly of the hand made variety.

    How about a sporting goods store? Places that sell winter sporting goods usually have a nice glove/mitten assortment.


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