Annoying newspaper guy


Did you ever find youself stuck next to “annoying newspaper guy” on the subway? There you are, packed into a train with hardly enough room to breathe as it is. Then newspaper guy whips out his Wall Street Journal and thinks he deserves double the room.

His elbows fly out like wings. Every time he turns the page, he hits other passengers with the paper. Then someone steps in a little to close and he gets pissed.

Some of these guys just stick the paper inches from your face. I’m standing here reading emails on my Blackberry. I have the thing pulled all the way into my chest so as to not take up space but still make it readable. All of a sudden, his paper is under my chin! I am looking straight down at my belt buckle but can’t see it because his newspaper is pressed into me. So of course, it is blocking my screen.

Ok, so I lift my Blackberry up and over the top of his newpaper so I can see the screen. I kid you not, “Excuse me…I can’t see,” he says to me!

I look at him like he is an idiota, and turn my body 45 degrees so my shoulder crunches his paper up. “How’s that? Better?”

He huffed and folded up his paper.

The people that crack me up too are the ones that do something like that with AM New York or Metro. “Excuse me while I catch up on my financials and policitcal news with my AMNY.” If you are going to be an snob with your newspaper, at least do it with a New York Times or WSJ.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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