May I please discipline your child

When is it appropriate for me, a complete stranger, to yell at your kid for being obnoxious?

Answer…when ever you clearly are not going to take care of it yourself.

For example, tell your kid to hold the damn rail so he stops falling on my feet. I know he thinks is is soooo funny, but how funny will it be if I send you the bill for my damaged leather shoes?

“Hunnie, hold on please,” didn’t work the first 10 times you ASKED him. So why do you think attempt number 11 will work?

How bout we change tactics to, “If you fall on that man one more time, it will be the last time you stand up for a week!”

Maybe that will get the point across a little more clearly.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

4 thoughts on “May I please discipline your child

  1. As a parent, let me give you blanket permission to say to me at any time “If your kid continues to kick me/fall on me/wipe poo on me, I will be forced to kick you in the shin. Please control him.”


  2. I am glad you didn’t give up your seat. One shouldn’t have to give up their seat if they occupied it first. I am tired of certain people feeling they have a right to the seat because they are older, pregnant, etc…

    No offense but maybe riding the subway isn’t the best idea for some of you. How does one know if that healthy looking person might have back or feet issues & they need to sit which is why they are.

    Ok let me not digress any further.


  3. I wasn’t sitting. We were all standing near the doorway. He kept falling over when the brakes hit on approach of each station. He thought it was funny.

    Me, and all the other adults didn’t see the humor.


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