14 More Shopping Days


The clock’s ticking, and SUBWAYblogger has zero shopping done. There was an attempt made this weekend, but the crowds were a bit insane.

The MTA should just put extra staff on all the train platforms in midtown. All of the insanity you see on the weekends inside the subway system consists mostly of people who have no idea where they are going. All we need is more MTA or official looking people to direct the tourists where they need to go.

The biggest problem is that people don’t know Uptown from Downtown. They hardly know where they are this very moment, so they have no idea about which direction they need.

Example. I was at the 34th Street/Penn Station subway platform this weekend. A group of women asked me which train to take to get them to Macy’s. No, I’m not kidding.

I first looked at them like I was brain dead because for a moment my head had a short circuit. I couldn’t process what they were asking. Then it hit me that they really didn’t know where they were, and that it wasn’t a trick question.

I said, “Uhh, you’re already here.” They were equally confused with my answer as I was with the question.

“Yeah, just go upstairs. Macy’s is right outside. There is no other train.” They actually paid $2 each to get in the subway, and they were already there.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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