Happy parents

There’s an unusually high number of miserable fathers in the subway system lately. They are clearly identified by the large new toys they are schlepping home for their kids.

The flaw of most fathers is that they themselves are just big kids. So when they get inside Toys R Us, they can’t help themselves. They buy the biggest crap in the store.

Then they end up on the sidewalk outside the store sayng, “Crap, now how do I get this home?”

So there they are, walking down the subway platform with a Huffy rolling next to them, and a Fisher Price Jungle gym under the other arm.

One dad I saw had a Barbie playhouse in a box the size of loft apartment. They walk around with the “Damn kids” look in their eye.

No subway for you and your gifts next year pops. Next year, order them online and have them shipped to your door!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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