Back To Business for 2007

Ahh the first post of the new year.  A fresh slate.  A new beginning.  Back to work…damn.

SUBWAYblogger reader:

“Dude, I thought you wrote this thing from the subway.  What’s the deal lately?”

Yeah, sorry about that.  Hey, it was the holidays and vacation time.  Basically, SUBWAYblogger took a long awaited break from the daily grind.  So, the subway was not ridden much last week, thus no posts live from the subway.

However, SUBWAYblogger will get its butt back in gear starting Tuesday Morning (Jan 2).

In the mean time, we’ve focused on some feature pieces, which have gotten some attention in the blogosphere.  Since they seem to be so popular, we will probably do a little more of that sort of thing, and see how it goes.  Don’t worry though, it won’t come at the sacrifice of your twice daily live postings.

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