This Guy has Cojones of Steel: Jumps on Tracks to Save Sick Man

Wesley AutreySomebody buy this guy a drink!

Wesley Autrey was waiting for the 1 train when 18 year old Cameron Hollowpeter suffered a seizure and fell onto the tracks. Autrey jumped down onto the tracks to try and move Hollowpeter off the tracks, but could not get his body back up on the platform.

WNBC has a raw video interview with Autrey.

Instead, Autrey laid on top of Hollowpeter to protect the young man’s body as the train rolled over BOTH of them!  Meanwhile, Autrey’s daughters were watching from the platform.
Shockingly, neither one suffered major injuries. As a matter of fact, Autrey was treated and released from the scene.

Autrey said he shouldn’t be considered a hero, he was simply putting his military training to use.

SUBWAYblogger can’t even imagine being a witness to that. Could you imagine seeing the guy lay on top of the other guy as the train rolled over them? Whoa. That’s intense.



Turns out, Hollowpeter noticed Autrey having a seizure on the platform.

Autrey yelled to the station agent to call for help, and then used a pen to pry open Hollopeter’s jaw to stop him from biting his tongue. A few moments later, Hollopeter came to and stood up.

Basically, Autrey tried to save the guy twice!  Once on the platform, and then again after the seizure was over and the guy fell on the tracks.

13 thoughts on “This Guy has Cojones of Steel: Jumps on Tracks to Save Sick Man

  1. This guy should be president. He wouldnt go to concerts, while our troops dont even have bulletproof vests that work — they fucking have to buy ’em from online vendors them selves…


  2. The fact that we take care of our sick and our poor is what makes us human, separates us from animals. What this man did was way beyond a random act of kindness – he raised “human” to a rarely seen level.
    Anyone know how to set up a legitimate fund – we could all send him a dollar – just a gesture to let him know we noticed, we felt it…his amazing unselfish act made the world pause…


  3. I tell you..te article about this man made me cry. There are still heroes among us today. What a selfless act. I am all for setting up a fund for a guy like this. Call it a college fund and everyone can send his girls to college some day. I think they both had an angel watching over them that day!


  4. Dear Friends.

    How refreshed and inspired we are from a single selfless act!

    A central theme in our comments is:

    We, Humanity, are fed up with the attention and success awarded to sports figures, models and celebrities, who, most often, are not desirable examples for us and our children in their personal lives.

    We are also fed up “being fed” all the negative “stuff” that goes on.

    I propose that (aside from events we need to know in order to help,) the Media print and project only positive stories and images. A noble and transformative use of this medium.

    Our world is changing, For Good.
    The Media’s purpose is to accelerate the process.
    It can, and will be done. It’s only a matter of time.
    The question is: “Will I “play a part” in changing the world, for good?”

    Each of us can lighten and brighten up our environment with (little or big) acts of goodness and kindness, and by sharing only positive news, thoughts and ideas.

    We can Make This World A Better Place, For Good! Lets do it!


  5. This guy is an angel from God. He should be rewarded in every way possible for his heroism. I think a “fund” for him and his girls is a great idea. If someone sets it up, I’m making a donation!!!! God bless and speedy recovery to the young man. It warms the heart and soul when so many negative things are happening in our world.


  6. Ellen posted just what I was thinking… as did you all. I couldn’t ask for a better story to start the year with. I hope that this story is sent around the world so that those bitter at our government’s actions or inactions will realize what kind of people we are capable of being. Now, for me, the question is, when and how may I be inspired to incorporate this into my daily life? It isn’t likely that most of us will have the opportunity to make as large a splash as Mr. Autrey, but in what action will I continue the path?


  7. Hi,
    NY Film Academy who set up scholarships for his children will accept checks for Mr. Autrey. You can send a check payable to Wesley Autrey to the following:

    NY Film Academy
    Attn: Anita Tovich
    100 E. 17th Street
    New York, NY 10003


  8. I just think that poop is poop and that is what poop is. This guy is the real poop and therefore everyone around him should eat poop and poop and keep pooping.


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