The Subway Reach Around

hands.jpgAt what point does it become inappropriate for someone to reach around you to grab hold of a rail? That is this evening’s question to ponder.

What the hell am I talking about? Allow me to explain.

We’ve all been on crowded subway trains. As you know, sometimes you have to get creative in order to find a place to hold onto when the train is standing room only. Unfortunately, some peeps take it a little too far.

For example, men always have to be careful with their reach. Why? Because women have boobs, that’s why. It is tricky for a guy to reach around a woman to grab hold of the rail without accidentally looking like a pervert. The last a guy wants is to go for the rail only to get a handful of boob instead. It only get ugly from there.

Then there’s guys that will reach right in your face. All of a sudden, there’s a guy’s hand or arm just inches from your face. Uhhh awkward.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

4 thoughts on “The Subway Reach Around

  1. A general set of guidelines I use in situations like this my mother always called “common courtesy”. When I find myself in a position where I need to do something that might inconvenience or otherwise put someone else out, I try to ask permission, or apologize as I reach around for a handhold.

    But a reacharound? Man, doing that on the subway’s just dirty.


  2. I think it’s an East Coast thing, honestly. You don’t get the kind of dismissive rudeness that’s endemic to the East Coast out where I’m from.


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