10 Years From Now We Will All Be Deaf


iPods and the subway go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s just a fact of life in today’s NYC.

Here’s a fun game, next time you are on the subway, look around. Count how many iPods you can spot. Then count how many of them you can hear from clear across the train.

That’s why it is pretty safe to say that by 2017, New York City will be the deafest city on the planet. If not, then the New Yorker ear will be the strongest ear on the planet.

Take in to account all of the daily noise that we New Yorkers don’t even notice. Did you ever have a friend from out of town visit? All the time they notice loud sounds that we never notice.

So factor in the city noise on top of the iPods cranked to the max. See what I mean?

Now, let me get back to the smooth morning tunes of Old Dirty Bastard coming from the headset of the guy next to me. 🙂

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

3 thoughts on “10 Years From Now We Will All Be Deaf

  1. hey subwayblogger,

    I am an acoustics engineer and it amazes me that everyone is listening through the earbuds to insanely compressed digital files which carry digital transients. Essentially, those white earbuds are shredding eardrums from the bronx to brooklyn and everywhere in between. If I were everyone else (and thankfully I’m not) I’d switch to a pair of Etymotic Research or Shure in-ear headphones. These attenuate (reduce) outdoor volume around 29dB (which is essentailly 15 times quieter). When using these headphones you can listen to music at around half the ipod volume and still hear everything crystal clear, nay, better than trying to shred over the ambient noise. In case anyone cares about their hearing, and it will go fast, check out the Etymotic Er-4Ps. I don’t move in the city without mine.



  2. […] 9: Earbud Guy: Ah yes. This guy just loves his music. He loves it so much that he’s going to crank up his mp3 player higher then his earbuds can handle. Now the whole train gets to love his music. It’s especially nice when Earbud Guy shares his music at 7am. I love Reggaeton at 7am. It warms my heart. (Almost as much as the thought of Earbud guy going deaf in a couple years.) […]


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