How often does this bad boy get a scrub


Did you ever stop and wonder how often a subway car gets cleaned? You’d think that they get at least a walk through to pick up trash on a fairly regular basis, but how often are they really CLEANED?

SUBWAYblogger’s going to do a little homework on this one.

Logic says that each train car probably rarely gets a scrub. You figure that millions of people ride the subway everyday, so how much time is really left to give the cars a good cleaning? Probably not much. Sure, there’s a service rotation that each train goes through, but I’d imagine that they don’t get this kind of service very often.

That’s the basis for why SUBWAYblogger avoids touching things on the subway. It’s not an OCD sort of thing. It’s a “you can feel the grease” on the grab rails kinda thing. You can write your name in the “hand juice” on the poles. Ewww.

So I wonder if the MTA can get out a wetnap from time to time.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…