Communist door chimes


What the hell is that sound? You know the little two tone chime that the doors make as they are closing? Well, I’m on a car that’s making a sound you rarely ever hear.

There’s basically two main chimes that you will find on the subway. The older lines have one sound, and the new express trains play a slightly different version.

Every now and then, there must be a bug in the “chime system” of the older trains. For some reason, the familiar two tone is replaced with some random chime. It’s not even like it is a subtle difference. It is waaaay off.

So how does that happen? Somewhere on this train is a device who’s only job is to play “bing-bong.” That’s it. It only has one purpose in this world. Out of nowhere, it decide to play a different tune. Kinda makes you wonder what else on the train does what ever the hell it wants.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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