SUBWAYblogger wants an iPhone


So it’s official, SUBWAYblogger sweats the new Apple iPhone, and isn’t even out yet!

The New York City subway will truely be the testing ground for the device. Down here is where you’ll probably see the highest concentration of them once the hit the market.

Look at what’s here already. The iPod dominates the transit portable electronic device category. Within 43 seconds of a new iPod version hitting the shelf, dozens of people are using them on the subway. The PSP and Gameboys are everywhere too.

Straphangers love their techno gadgets, and the iPhone will be the master of them all.

Email, Internet (when there’s a signal), games, phone, music, movies…this thing screams subway user.

Do you think if SUBWAYblogger make the iPhone our official device they’ll give us one? Yeah…me neither.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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