Look at grandma move

It always amazes me how fast old ladies move to get a seat on the subway. Some of these old bags really move! They will dive across people just about if they see just the slightest bit of room on the bench.

These old ladies will knock down other old ladies…even children!

They always look so innocent. Awww, here comes grandma with her earmuffs on in July. Then out of no where, they are plowing their way through the crowded train.

The looks on the faces of people that find themselves in the path of grandma-danger are priceless. It’s like holy hell lady, where’s the fire?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Look at grandma move

  1. That’s nothing compared to the old ladies with 15 plastic bags of mysterious contents.

    Especially around Grand street stop where those 15 bags usually contain some sort of deceased sea creature. The whole car reeks of dead fish and the old ladies race to the seats flailing their 15 bags of fish goup.


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