Hey it is a short week for some

SUBWAYblogger read in the New York Times this weekend that many employers don’t recognize Martin Luther King Jr. day as a company holiday. So few in fact that the city transit system runs on a normal schedule.

Yesterday, both commutes looked just like normal days. You wouldn’t have known at all that yesterday was a federal holiday.

What’s sad is that there’s a more noticable drop in ridership on Jewish holidays than MLK Day! Not that the Jewish holidays are any less significant, but they aren’t recognized federal holidays.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Hey it is a short week for some

  1. I didn’t get the day off, but I noticed considerably less people on 1) the SI ferry, 2) the #1/2/3 trains, 3) and on the surface streets (Midtown/fashion district west)(faster buses, woohoo!) For what it is worth.


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