Stand between trains to pee, and you will DIE

ridingbetweencars.gifOuch…is that headline too harsh? Anyway…

Apparently, it is not possible to levatate between train cars as the MTA warning sticker pictured here illustrates.

An old homeless Veteran, Jose Montanez, died on the 6 train down at City Hall. Apparently, he had stayed on the train after leaving the last stop at the end of the line. The Sun reports that the guy was standing between train cars peeing when the train made a sharp turn.

When the trains turn or come to stop, the cars get much closer together. It is feared that he got stuck between the trains, and then fell on the tracks to his death.

So MTA, can we open up a few more bathrooms for these guys? You know they are just going to pee everywhere anyway, so can we at least give them some mildly maintained bathrooms to use in the mean time?

One thought on “Stand between trains to pee, and you will DIE

  1. Thats a little odd. Kinda scary. I wouldnt dare try to pull something like that off. I’ve never used the little doors between cars so that sounds creepy.


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