New Trains: Sweet


I rode in a new Subway train today.  I tried to look it up in the MTA website, but what do you know, most of the MTA site isn’t working!  Ha!  If that’s not classic, I don’t know what is. 

A word about the new trains: Sweet

They’ve got a new suspension system that uses “air-bags,” but it’s nice and smooth.  The “digital” displays are still stuck in the late 80’s, but they’re informative.  They said that they changed the placement of the doors to improve flow, but they seemed like the same old doors to me. 

Finally, the LCD screen was fun to look at for a few minutes, but I guarantee that those things are broken within months and then not fixed.  Ever.  Ah well, at least they’re new and clean.

The one I rode this morning (N from Pacific St to Union Sq) was in “test mode,” so it only went half speed.  That sucked.  Let’s get those bad boys moving full speed!

Todd writes for and contributed this article.

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