Parking Garage Mashup: Completely not subway related but still cool


From time to time, we get some very interesting reader mail.  This one was particularly interesting.  Disclaimer:  This really has nothing to do with the subway at all.  However, as pointed out below, it does have something to do with city transit, so we thought we would let this slide by. 

Anyway, this kid created this cool mashup that takes all the city’s parking garages and puts them on a google map.  It will also calculate the cost to park your car at each garage!  It puts the color coded garages/lots on a map (color coded cheap to expensive). 

Here’s what we got from the founder. 

Dear “Subway Blogger”, 

Although the following “tip” does not fall within the subway category, it has very much to do with transportation. I am an 18 year old student and just started a free service to benefit drivers in New York City. The website,, allows users to search and compare all parking garage/lot rates and locations for daily, weekly, and monthly parking. 

My service instantly calculates all rates, including regular rates, early bird specials, weekend specials, night specials, SUV/oversize/luxury vehicle rates, motorcycle rates, etc. A user can view the precise locations of all the garages in any area (i.e., the actual entrances and not just official building addresses) on a high-quality Google map, and then enter arrival and departure times to generate the rates directly and visually onto the map.

The display also includes other relevant garage information (e.g., capacity, hours, and restrictions). directly benefits visitors, commuters, New York City residents, and anyone else who drives a vehicle in New York City. Our coverage area currently spans from 100th Street down to the southern tip of Manhattan. We will also be releasing a mobile phone version of the service shortly.

So check it out.  I have a feeling we will be hearing more about this mashup in the near future. 

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