It’s so cold, my Blackberry fro…


Ok it didn’t freeze, but it came close. The LCD screen started to get sluggish. It looks like the icons and text are moving in slow motion.

The freezing cold unfortunately drives all the bums underground. They all sneak there way onto the platforms because of course there aren’t enough shelters. Even if there were enough shelters, many of the homeless wouldn’t go.  All they have left is their pride, so they think it is better to freeze to death.

That’s the logic that got them on the streets in the first place!

Anyway, us straphangers are then forced to deal with them.

How’s this for a pleasant start to your morning:  This morning I’m walking to the train and there’s a homeless guy laid over on his side asleep on the ground. Nothing new. However, his pants are down around his knees. So there’s his completely bare, white ass pointed in the direction of oncoming riders.

I almost lost my breakfast.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… 

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