City Sponsored Shagging


Available soon from City Hall: an official New York condom in a jazzy wrapper, perhaps one printed with a colorful subway map or some other city theme.

That’s right, the city rubber is almost here.  We blogged about it a few weeks back, and honestly forgot all about it.  Heck, who thought it would actually happen.  As noted above, some wrapper themes might include subway stuff.

Here’s our idea:

Wrappers:  Mark them with the subway line icons.  You know, the big red circle with a 1, 2, or 3 on them for the red line.  Have one version for all the lines, that way everyone in town has a connection.

The condom:  Then, make the actual condom look like a train!!!  Think about it…go ahead.  Close your eyes.  Get it?  When the condom gets rolled out, it will look like a meat train.  How awesome would that be?  This train is headed “downtown.” 

They’d sell out of these bad boys in a week. 

One thought on “City Sponsored Shagging

  1. I like the idea of having the MTA subway map printed on the condom wrapper. Now when a hot out-of-towner stares blankly at an in-car subway map, guys everywhere can approach the PYT with condom in hand and ask, “May I be of assistance?”

    That way, subway pervs can actually be put to good use.


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