MTA Not “Turned On” by City Condoms

rubber.jpgThe MTA is totally pissed that the City Health Department is planning to release subway themed condoms.  For that matter, they aren’t sure if that is even legally allowed since the “brand” belongs to the MTA.  As you may recall, the city wants to release “fun” NYC rubbers for free to help combat the city’s HIV/AIDS problem.

The Transportation Board claims that they never saw any type of proposal for the condoms.  Oops.

“I don’t think it’s the appropriate thing for the MTA to be involved with,” board member Frank Powers said. “We have enough trouble servicing our clients, doing the right thing, making sure the buses are on time … that’s what the MTA’s mission is.”

Agreed. When you think “reliable brand,” the MTA is not one that jumps to mind right away. 

Then the Straphangers throw this one in the MTA’s face:

And Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign questioned the effectiveness of linking the subways and condoms.

“Whose going to want a subway-themed condom?” Russianoff said. “Why the subways? It does raise in my mind issues about whether they [the condoms] will work.”

Ohhh ZING!  How ’bout that little dig. Hahaha. 

One thought on “MTA Not “Turned On” by City Condoms

  1. Hey, just found your site … looks like NYC subways settled whatever issues they may have had, because I’m seeing those condoms all over the place. The problem is, I’m not even from NYC .. some clever would-be entrepreneurs, claiming to be non-profit distributors, have taken the condoms and are selling them on ebay, amazon and anywhere else they can find. It’s really put a dink in business for us legit condom e-tailers.


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