Bubble Jacket

I lucked out this morning. I managed to catch a train with next to no one on board, so there were a handful of open seats. There was hardly anyone standing.

So, I sat next to a lady in a black bubble coat. It was one of those huge, puffy coats that’s stuffed with down or somwthing. Anyway, the lady was a pretty petite woman, but the coat tripples her size.

I sit down and her puffy coat is taking up half my seat. No big deal because my shoulder just pushes the coat over.

Well, she flips out. Meanwhile, I haven’t touched her person, just her coat that is spreading into my seat. Normally people are squished in together on those seats.

I turned to her and said that she was fine, but her coat was all up in my shit. She didn’t seem to get that. I didn’t really care that her coat was on my seat. It wasn’t like I was sitting on it. So I told her that if it bothers her soooo much, then she simply needs to keep her coat off the other seats around her and it wouldn’t be a problem.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Bubble Jacket

  1. At least she wasn’t a kid!

    Aw, now I’m just messing with ya.

    At least once a week I end up standing next to someone who takes umbrage if one atom on my coat touches one atom on hers (yes, it’s usually a woman). Some of them harrumph, some snort “exCUSE me.” We’re talking about the little shimmies that come with a train starting and stopping — and a reaction more like what you’d expect if I’d grabbed her boob or something.

    On the subject of coats blossoming into neighboring seats: some people are lucky enough to have this happen only in puffy-coat weather. I’m kinda wide (partly skeletal structure, partly my fault), and a “single” seat between two people is never wide enough for my hips or shoulders.


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