PATH train riders get email alerts. Subway riders get…to work late?


New Jersey Transit has just started a new email alert program for the PATH train that alerts subscribers to service disruptions.  It’s a free service, and so far they have signed up over 2,700 users.

When was the last time the subway got something cool like this?  Try never.  The last cool thing we got was the MetroCard instead of tokens.  Yeah, it’s been that long.  This would be especially cool for people that carry BlackBerries and other PDA’s.  We could get the alerts right on our phone. 

Even regular cell phone users could get them. Did you know that you can email text alerts to yourself?  If you have Verizon wireless service, you can just email yourself at  For example, just send an email to  That message will get sent to your phone!  Just insert your number before the @ symbol.

Anyway, because of that, these email alerts would be great.  It would definitely have helped during yesterday’s debacle.  Sure, wireless service is limited underground.  However, if you got the alert ahead of time, you could make alternate arrangements before you reached the subway.

We think it is time the MTA got in the game!

2 thoughts on “PATH train riders get email alerts. Subway riders get…to work late?

  1. psh, at least mta has the stuff it has. it’s worlds better than septa. septa is garbage (oh yeah, still usin’ the tokens cuz we old skool like dat). AND septa costs more. sure, philly doesn’t have the demand for public transportation like nyc, but uh… maybe more people would take it if it weren’t a piece of shit.

    anyways, damn you and your metrocards.


  2. Design new path trains where people can actually sit down! Every path train has a bunch of animals that charge towards seats eveytime the doors open.It’s annoying and since your raising the fare you should solve this problem!


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