The New “T” Line (aka 2nd Ave Line)

t.jpgOk East Siders, don’t get your panties in a twist. There isn’t really a subway running under 2nd Ave that you didn’t know about.

However, we guess this is the proposed line map. We have no idea if it is real or bogus. SubChat posted it earlier. It looks pretty legtit, but who knows.

By the looks of things, it will make getting to those dark, hole in the wall bars on the Lower East Side a little easier to get to! If only they extended it to connect with the 2/3 above Central Park North. Then you could make a whole loop.

Personally, SUBWAYblogger wishes there were a couple more cross town options. A shuttle like train under Central Park would be nice. Then maybe one a little more down town. That would be a great improvement.

Anyway, click the map to see the full size version, but don’t get your hopes up. The “T” isn’t expected until 2020.

3 thoughts on “The New “T” Line (aka 2nd Ave Line)

  1. Because this is the first real map we’ve seen. They’ve talked about the proposed route, but this is something real.

    Also, I met someone who just sold their apartment because he said they’re building a station right under his building. He was worried about the rats coming in and losing storage space or something like that. Somewhere up in the 90’s. I wish I wrote it down.


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