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kidstroller.jpgGothamist finally joins the Subway vs Stroller debate.  They received a listener email asking about proper rider etiquette when it comes to strollers. 

Dear Gothamist,

I am wondering if you can shed some light onto the topic of strollers on the subway specifically during rush hour.

Well, SUBWAYblogger has been on this one for a while.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the conversation

  1. As a parent of a 2 year old, I’ll tell you what we did (he’s pretty much stroller free now).

    1) Some subway riding during rush hour was necessary for us. Usually we tried to get as far from the door as possible to stay out of the way as our train usually emptied at our destination (59th street). People didn’t have to climb over us this way, but we could still easily get out where we needed.
    1.a) when the middle wasn’t possible, we got against the door that wasnt going to open and hung over the kid, so as not to steal too much floor space.

    2) Generally Lift the stroller and carry it in, to avoid people’s feet, rather than roll over them

    3) When seated, pull the stroller as close as possible to your legs, in order to not take space if possible.

    4) Generally, remember what it was like before breeding. Be as considerate to the skinny chick in the huuuge 4ft wide puffy jacket as you’d want them to be to you.

    and finally

    5) Your kid is a city kid. They should learn to walk and ride the subway like normal folks, can the stroller ASAP. My son has been riding since we brought him home from the hospital. He now prefers to stand and hold my hand, rather than sit.


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