Thanks Last Minute Arrival Guy

Do you know this guy?  He’s the one that runs through the closing subway doors at the last possible second.  You might know him best because he usually knocks people down like bowling pins as he darts through the doors.

There’s not much to say other than “what a dick.”

I love how he says “excuse me” as he throws himself into the sea of people standing in the doorway.  For some reason he thinks that he is skinnier than a runway model or something.  There’s clearly no more room, but Last Minute Arrival Guy sees nothing but space.

On a crowded train, everyone finally squeezes in and settles into their possitions.  People begin to read their paper, or click through their iPods.  Then WHAM!  Enter Last Minute Arrival Guy.

Sometimes, a fellow passenger says, “Hey, there’s no more room!”  The famous rebuttal is, “Yeah there is.”  What a compelling argument fella.  Sure, if we all breath a little shallower, there’s plenty of space. 

Hey everyone, take off your coats and hold them over your heads so that we can make a little more room for this a-hole to get on board!

7 thoughts on “Thanks Last Minute Arrival Guy

  1. When I run into these guys they usually point into the train and start saying, “Move into teh center, there’s room!” Whether or not there’s any TRUTH to that statement, that’s another story.

    So, yes indeed, last second guy, whether he’s dashing on or off the train is a nuisance.

    I LOVE your blog.


  2. Last Minute Arrival Guy will be the one to eventually find a seat, start reading his paper, then fall asleep. Then when his stop comes, he’ll wait until everyone has disembarked to notice that this is indeed his stop. People have already started to board, but he chooses this point to dart out of his seat and try to push his way out anyway.


  3. This one’s hard to call. Often enough, there *is* room in the middle of the car, and there *are* self-appointed “special” people perching by the door instead of moving in — and if they’d do the right thing, last-minute guy’s arrival wouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Doesn’t mean he has a right to be an ass, of course.


  4. Oh, I don’t know about this one. I think we’ve all done this before, right? You see room in the middle of the car; you really want to make the train. So you just cram in a little. And more often than not, the “yeah there is” rebuttal is right.


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