A note to our readers

Dear SUBWAYblogger readers,

We’ve recently made some changes on the backend that will hopefully improve the performance of this site. Over the past couple weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in page load time. Basically, it was taking a lot longer than it should for the main page to load.

Mainly, this is due to the amazing growth in site traffic we have received. So that’s great!! Who knew that a blog like this could ever be popular? Anyway, increased site traffic has put some stress on the severs. To solve these problems, we’ve “lightened the load” by making the code more efficient. That’s geek talk for making stuff work faster.

We greatly appreciate all of the support we have received by our regular readers! In bound links, RSS hits, and reader submissions continue to grow month after month. At the end of the day, it’s just nice to know that there’s actually people out there enjoying what we put out.

Thanks again!!


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