Don’t eat on the subway unless you bring some for everyone


Am I the only one that finds it really strange when people eat on the subway?  I cup of coffee or a soda is one thing.  That’s pretty common.  However, breaking out an entire meal from KFC is a little strange.

First, holy gross!  I don’t care if the food never comes in physical contact with a single thing on the subway.  Just the thought of my food coming in contact with the air on a subway train is a little nauseating. 

Then, there’s the mess.  The train is bouncing all over, your drink is spilling, you’ve got BBQ sauce about to splatter all over the seat…c’mon. 

Oh and what about the smell?  Most of the time, the food smells pretty good.  Unfortunately, after a stop or two, the smell of fried yum yums gets a little overwhelming.  Did you ever leave a bag of fast food in your car with a tiny bit left over inside?  Come back an hour later and your whole care smells like a grease pit.  The same thing happens on the subway…sort of.  The smell of the food mixes with the general subway odors to produce something that will linger with you for hours.  So the rest of us on the train don’t need to be exposed to that.

Generally, people are slobs, so you know the left over bags, paper, napkins, etc. are just going to get left on that train. 

On the other hand, bring me a milkshake, and you can eat all you want!!

(Photo by Wonder Lynx)

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