Has there never been rain in the subway before?

Holy smokes this is a nightmare of a ride!  Rain and flooding all over the subway system is causing massive delays.

I’m on the 1 train right now, and it is totally screwed up.  We’ve literally stopped in the tunnels for 15 minutes TWICE already.  We got to the next stop (finally), doors opened.  People got on and off.  Then we pulled out of the station like normal, but nooooooo.  Just few hundred yards away, we stopped.  And there we sat for another 15 minutes. 

The worst part was that the air system isn’t on so it is getting really stuffy.  As it is, all the windows are fogged up.  From the outside, it must look like we were all making out in here or something.  Gross!

So the South Ferry station is allegedly under water, which means that the 1 trains don’t have their normal area to turn around.  Then, in the 100’s some where, the uptown express trains are being rerouted because one of those stations is under water. 

As great as the subway system is, it’s ability to adapt in adverse conditions is its biggest flaw.  Once a station’s tracks get wet, like South Ferry, there’s very little alternate solutions.  I’m sorry, but a free transfer to a shuttle bus at street level is not a valid alternative.  There needs to be more cross over points so that trains can get around a limited area and get back on track.

I just hope this get’s cleared up by tonight!

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