No “A” Train. Or maybe yes? Hmmm

For one reason or another, there is a problem on the A line this morning.  Trains are being rerouted all over the place. 

At this point, all I know is that the A train I was hoping to get at Penn Station is supposed to not be here.  Ok fine.  So I head back down the stairs, walk all the way under, then back up to catch the C train instead.

What’s that across the way on the other platform??  Looks like an A train!!  But according to the lady yelling at me in the ceiling, there isn’t supposed to be an A train here.  Oh well, I’ll just wait for the “C.”

And wait….

and wait some more…

still waiting…

WTF?  Is that another A train?  Yes, yes it is.  There my dumb ass stands, still waiting on the C platform.

My fellow passengers are equally as pissed.

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