Cat Fight

An older lady cat fight though.

So this older white woman decided she was going to get on a train that was already full. Meanwhile 6 people or so are already standing on the platform not able to fit in the train.

Out of no where, she goes for it and pushes her way on. The older black woman she pushes turns around.

“You better stop pushin’ before I push you back off this train! We all got someplace to go.”

The old white lady that thought she was a rebel immediately shut up. She was clearly affraid of the other woman’s reaction.

That must have been an awkward ride to the next stop with the two of them stuck face to face.

I waited for the next train, and I even snagged a seat.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Cat Fight

  1. I think the lesson is: don’t forget that everyone on the subway has a reason for being there (even homeless people). Everyone thinks that they are the most important person on the train, so they ignore their own behavior (like the people who stand in the doorway blocking it when people are trying to get on and off…) When those same people see that behavior when they want to get off the train, they probably get upset and yell.

    I’ve been disgusted with people on the subway recently. No class…


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