Follow Up: Subway can be attacked at any time. Grrreat.


 As a follow up to yesterdays terrorism post, we noticed an interesting piece on CBS 2 this afternoon.

At the airports, the government spends an average of $7.50 per passenger.  For the subway, only $0.015 per passenger.  That’s right.  One and a half cents per rider.  WTF?

Ever take a close look at your plane ticket?  Sometimes you can actually see a “security screening fee” on there.  The airports are starting to pass some of the costs on to the passengers.

On a different note, does it piss anyone else off when you see cops in the subway just standing around talking to eachother?  SUBWAYblogger sees cops all the time, but they are rarely (if ever) actually paying attention to people passing by.  They’re just standing there shootin’ the shit.  Chatting it up. 

Someone should do a hidden camera experiment.  Just get an empty cardboard box.  In big red letters, write EXPLOSIVES on the site.  Then just stroll by a group of cops in the subway.  See if you get stopped.  I highly doubt it.  Of course, if they did notice, you would probably get swarmed on by the SWAT team, so maybe that’s not a good idea.

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