Sharing headphones is stupid

I hate to do another headphone related story, but it was in my face this morning.  Last time I wrote about it, there was some controversy. 

Anyway, some people have really crappy headphones that leak.  By that I mean that they are not very well made, so the sound it puts out is almost louder outside the headphone than the part that faces your ear.

This morning, it was to the point where it was almost painful.  It made me flinch just thinking about how loud the sound was.  I could not believe that someone was going to put that screaming earbud in their ear.

So crappy earbud headphones almost turn your ear into a mini-speaker.  The shape of your ear actually reflects out all the leaked sound.

On to the annoying part…These two girls were standing 2 feet from me on a not so crowded train.  No big deal, it happens.  They have just as much right to stand there as I do.  Anyway, the one girl had her iPod blasting away, when the other one reaches over and pulls out one of the earbuds and puts it in her ear.  First, that’s gross.  Second, that is probably the most retarded looking thing I have ever seen.

Take your cheap ass and get your own iPod.  On top of that, don’t stand there and attempt to sing along.  You’re not Beyonce.  Stop it. 

Not only were they singing along, but they were trying to do it as a duet.  It was horrible.  So there they are standing around me.  Now that they are sharing the earbuds, the cord has essentially roped me into the corner.  Now, there was no escape route.  Singing in my face.  Badly.

It got to the point where other people were laughing at them.  Of course, they did not notice because they couldn’t hear the laughs. 

So what’s the moral(s) of the story?  Buy your cheap ass your own iPod.  Then, if you get new headphones, pay more than $4.99 for them.  Also, don’t sing.  You suck.  If you are a good singer…well…then that’s probably ok.  But if there is any doubt in your mind about you being a good singer, don’t.  You’re friends are just being nice when they say you have a good voice. 

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