Elizabeth Perkins rides the subway?

Did you ever spot a random celebrity, but you weren’t really sure it was them?  I just did, and she’s standing about 5 feet away from me.

I swear this woman is Elizabeth Perkins.  Why would I make that up?  That’s one of the most random people ever to see in the subway.

Anyway, if it isn’t her, then it’s her twin.  She has on dark clothes, coat, gloves, etc.  BIG sunglasses that cover much of her face.  Nothing really that screams “celebrity.”

So anyway, no I’m playing the, “What makes this woman look famous” game.  The big sunglasses are usually a giveaway, but that’s about all.  She has on some modest jewelery.  She has a handbag, but it doesn’t look like one of those insanely expensive ones from 5th Avenue. 

Ok, well in my head, I’m just gonna go with it unless I’m proved otherwise.  So there.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Perkins rides the subway?

  1. Two years ago, when I was working at a magazine on Park Ave, I boarded the 6 train and heard a booming voice – it was Al Franken.

    Samuel L. Jackson was on the Daily Show a few years back and mentioned that he rides the subways all the time.


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