Some how, this will be the NYPD’s fault too.

There was a high school “Basket-brawl” last night at a game in Madison Square Garden.  Lincoln and Boys & Girls schools were playing each other when the fights broke out.

There was a pretty flagrant foul that some fans flipped out over. 


The male, who was wearing a brown jacket, was pulled over the railing by school safety officers and appeared to not be resisting, but four officers are seen beating him. Two of the officers struck the boy several times with their batons.

For the love.  That’s all we need.  Is this Al Sharpton’s busy season or what?  Here’s a concept…if you start a fight in a public arena, and you’re swinging at people, you might get your skull cracked by a baton.  Cost of doing business.

By now, you’re probably saying, “True, but what does this have to do with the subway?”  Well, the melee spilled out into the streets, and into the subway.  Somehow, the brawl traveled from MSG up to Times Square.  There in the subway, the fighting continued.  The CBS 2 video shows the cops flooding into the subway to break up more fights.

21 people were arrested, one of which had a gun.  So yeah, let’s worry about people getting roughed up by the police in this kind of fight.  After all, the combatants are only carrying guns in the subway…no biggie.  Oh, did I mention that there were even shots fired?

Hey, what about those MTA signs that say “Illegal possession of a fire arm in the subway carries a minimum of 3 1/2 years in prison?”  Sounds like they are really working.

One thought on “Some how, this will be the NYPD’s fault too.

  1. “If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns”. Sorry, that was too easy.

    I read a fantastic article written by someone who was locked inside a car with a group of gang members. It was all about how dangerous it is to lock people in the each subway car. After I finished reading it (on the train of course) I realized that all those emergency instruction stickers say something like “contact an MTA employee” for medical, fire, and police emergencies. How are you supposed to tell the conductor that armed criminals are in your car if you’re locked in with them? For that matter, what’s the unarmed conductor going to do about it? Then I read another article asking what happens if the train crew can’t unlock the doors? What if there’s a fire?

    I’m going to start walking around with a 9-iron. That’s still legal right?
    It’s a combination criminal-prevention-device and a window-opener in case of emergency.


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