MTA to Beef-Up Rail Security


Buuuut not for the subway.  The Feds are being brought in to increase “police presence”on the LIRR and MetroNorth.  Homeland Security Officers no less.

As for the subway, continue to watch your back as normal.  The police are too busy pretending to do random screenings of bags.

I would love to have a job where all I have to do is set up a little table at the entrance of a subway and then stand there all day with my hands in my pockets.  Hey, why not have the guys that hand out the newspapers also do the screenings?  Get you bag checked; get a paper.

2 thoughts on “MTA to Beef-Up Rail Security

  1. Maybe they don’t do anything because they know that searching bags is pointless and merely for show. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Remember, if they ask to search your bag, you can just say “no” and leave the station.


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