Holy screw up

The lines are all over the place this morning.

Was that just a 5 train I saw running on the 7th Avenue line?? Yup. Sweet.

And how ’bout this 1 train that seems to be spending 15 minutes at every stop.

They keep saying that there is (was) some sort of emergency at 42nd Street / Times Square. This is what I keep saying abou the system’s lack of flexibility. Any time something goes wrong, half the trains in the city get thrown off schedule.

In building the 2nd Avenue subway, the would be smart if they built in extra systems to allow for stalled trains, emergencies, ect. An “emergency only” track might be a bit to costly, but surely there’s an alternative.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Holy screw up

  1. The 4/5 downtown was insane this afternoon. They were so few and far between, so when one finally came, it was packed. Beyond packed. Insane.


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