A & C Train Riders: Does your weekend suck yet?


Answer:  YES.

A & C train riders are in for shitty transit weekends this weekend, plus 4 more upcoming weekends.  It earned an entire pageon the MTA site.  Luckily, service will be normal for Easter Weekend.

But, as for the other weekends, you’re not getting anywhere fast.  In Brooklyn, well hell, you’re already used to crap service after the 7 train being out for so long.  Hell, you’re probably getting ready to cut all ties with Manhattan.

So, between Jay Street/Borough Hall and Utica Ave, there’s a shuttle bus for A train riders.  Yay.

The C train…well there’s just no C train at all.  Good luck.  And the A train in Manhattan is going to run local.

The current concrete roadbed has been in place since 1936. After the work is done, customers will have a smoother, more reliable and comfortable ride over the affected track segment. We apologize for the inconvenience while this work is performed.

Well, 5 weekends of nothing to do = a smooth ride in the future.  Sounds fair?

6 thoughts on “A & C Train Riders: Does your weekend suck yet?

  1. F train riders will be screwed next weekend too for Smith/9th, Carroll and Bergen. We’ll have no Manhattan Bound F trains or G trains in either direction. But hey, once you schlep up to Jay St, you will find a functioning A train.

    With the posting of these “Weekend Advisories” I know that it’s truly springtime as this happened each of the last eight years I’ve lived in Carroll Gardens as soon as the weather warmed up.

    Thanks, MTA!


  2. The alternative being what? If you need more than 8 hours in a row to do the work, you can’t do it overnight. It might suck, but it’s better than the system breaking down.

    Routine maintenance can admittedly be a pain, but the alternative is worse. Ask your dentist.


  3. The 7 trian runs to Queens, not Brooklyn. But don’t worry Brooklynites, you have other sucky service to worry about (F train, L train always had service done to it last year).


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