2nd Avenue Subway: Here it comes!


Tomorrow is the ground breaking for the 2nd Avenue Subway! No seriously, it’s really happening.

There’s no stopping it now. The shovels hit the dirt…again. That’s right, again.

Back in 1972, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and Mayor John Lindsay participated in a ground breaking for preliminary construction of a Second Avenue subway. That tunnel was planned to run from 101st to 120th. They even had more ceremonies in 1974 and 1975.

However, in 1975, the MTA ran short of funds after already spending $1.3 billion. That’s billion with a “B.” All work on the project stopped. Mayor Abraham Beame ordered the tunnel to be sealed in 1975.

So there Gov. Spitzer and others will stand in the site of the reopened tunnel to participate in tomorrow’s ground breaking (or is it re-breaking?).

SUBWAYblogger hopes to be on hand to witness the historic moment in person.

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