Second Ave Subway: You’re on Your Own

In light of this morning’s driving rain, SUBWAYblogger will not be attending the ground breaking for the Second Avenue line. Hell, they may have even postponed it, who knows.

They were requiring that the press check in by 9am for the ceremony that wasn’t supposed to start until 10:30am. Screw that! I’m not standing around for an hour and a half on a dry day let alone in the pouring rain.

Instead, there’s plenty of other news to cover in the city. Sharpton’s attempt to remain politically relevant outside CBS, Bill Clinton will be at an event downtown, Arnold Swartzenegger (sp?) will be giving a speech in the city today, and the elephants are going to cruise the floor at MSG. So, there’s plenty of “less wet” news to cover.

Unfortunately, none of it is subway related. Boooo.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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