Ok, Second Ave Line is Off and Running

Ok fine, SUBWAYblogger completely wussed out of going to the ceremony today. It ended up that it was inside the previously existing subway tunnel, so it was out of the rain.

It still sucked that they were requiring the press to arrive at 9am for a 10:30am event. That’s a little lame.

But I did get to watch it on NY1, so that was cool (and dry).

I wish I had thought of live blogging the ceremony like Jenn at Gothmist did. The rain must have washed away my creative juices 🙂 .

10:30: No groundbreaking ceremony yet. The MTA is already behind schedule on the 2nd Avenue Subway! Clearly a sign of things to come!

So over all, the ceremony wasn’t that exciting. Still would have been cool to be there to video tape it. Maybe I’ll attend when the first train runs down the line.

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