Daniel Boggs: MTA Employee Killed by Subway Train

Daniel Boggs, 42, was struck by a train near 59th Street/Columbus Circle when he was working on the tracks. It was about 11:30pm when a downtown 3 train struck Boggs who was working on placing “flagging lanterns.”

The lanterns are designed to warn train operators that workers are on the tracks. I guess it is safe to assume that the lanterns Boggs and a partner were placing were not activated in time. It’s sort of an ironic (but sad) death. That’s like getting run over by a car while installing a stop sign.

Apparently, Boggs and his partner thought that this train was the last one scheduled to come through the area. There is speculation that the train was actually running a little late. So, the two men thought it was clear to begin setting up the red stop lights.

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