Litter on tracks causes FIRE

Today must have been signage swap out day.

The MTA SubTalk posters have a few newbies.

“Litter gets on the tracks and catches FIRE, and that causes train delays that make you late aside from making trains and stations untidy because a little litter goes a long way.”

That’s the sign copy. First off, I’m no English Major, but is that not a crazy run-on? As I was typing it, I kept looking back at the sign thinking I must have missed a period or something. Nope.

Anyway, the MTA is finally appealing to what New Yorkers really care about…us. “…train delays that make you late…” See, now that makes sense.

The litter part? Ehh, who really cares. It’s like caring about dropping a gum wrapper on the ground at the dump. It’s already dirty and gross. However, make me late? Screw that…where’s the trashcan ?!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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