Late Night Site Crash

Words of wisdom people…If you have a blog or website in general, you need to do regular backups.  Especially if you are making daily updates to your site.

Late last night, there was a major screw up on the SUBWAYblogger backend.  Our main host attempted to restore a day old backup, but that failed no matter what they did.  In short, they were pretty worthless.

Luckily, SUBWAYblogger does a manual backup on a daily basis, and it was worth it.  Well into the night, we were restoring our back up.  If we didn’t have the most recent backup, we easily could have lost all of April and May’s postings.  That would have suuuuuuuuuuucked!

So take it from us:  Backup early and often!

5 thoughts on “Late Night Site Crash

  1. I am horrible at making backups. I seem to like living dangerously with such things. I will be more vigilant about backups when I relaunch.


  2. Do you know the quality of sites like BlogBackUpOnline? I signed up with them a few days ago and theyre supposed to scour your HTML and backup your data onto their servers….?


  3. Unfortunately, I dont know how well BlogBackUpOnline would work for a PHP based site. It might back up the processed HTML, but it’s not going to backup your database…which is the more critical part.


  4. I use the backup system through my hosting service. It lets you download a copy of your entire system to your local machine. It includes all the graphics, databases, html, etc.

    If you dont have that, or are using a “free” hosting service, you might try the WP-Backup plugin.

    It at least backs up your database including posts, comments, blogroll, etc.


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