That is a bold move

I’m not sure why this caught my attention this morning, but it did.

As my train just approached, I looked up at the front of the train as it went past me. The train operator and I almost made eye contact. Then I saw the frame around his windshield.

Someone had tagged (graffiti) the window frame with blue Sharpie marker. It was just around the left side of the window, probably within sight from inside the operators cab. That’s a bold move!

Imagine if someone walked up to your car at a red light and tagged their name on your hood. That’s what someone must have done to this train.

The only way someone could have done it is if the train was at platform level. If it was parked in the rail yard, there’s no way someone could have reached that high.

That means someone walked right up to the train operator, in full view, and tagged the train with blue marker.

Wow. I thought that only happened back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…



Ok, there seems to be some confusion about where the trains was tagged.  Here’s a little illustration I whipped up to demonstrate.


8 thoughts on “That is a bold move

  1. It could’ve also been tagged at the first/last stop on the train where it sits with no one in the booth waiting for passengers to disembark / embark.


  2. I am pretty sure that this happened while the train was at a terminal. However it easily could have been a yard as it isn’t impossible to step on the front of the train & stand in front of the door & lean over.

    Did it look like the graffiti was written on the outside of the glass or from the inside?


  3. It wasnt on the glass itself. If you are looking at the front of the train, and the operator stands on the left side….

    …it was on the metal frame around the windshield on the left. I looked a the front of the train on my way home tonight. There’s no way to reach it by standing on the front of the train.


  4. I am trying to picture this scenario in my mind. So it was on the metal frame around the windshield the operator is looking through? What line was this so I can better picture what type of car it was.

    I’m trying to figure out how one couldn’t reach the spot if they were standing on that platform that is front of the door where the infamous rail fan window is.

    Either way it is sad to see these cars getting tagged. I have started to see it happen to the R142’s on the 6 & it annoys the hell out of me. I imagine within the next 2 years, many of the new R160’s will be tagged as well.


  5. I can’t stop laughing at the illustration! Well looking at it, that would be a somewhat hard angle from standing in front of the door. I’m with Bob, it looks like a terminal job.


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