Elevated Police Activity in the Subway

There’s something going on down here this afternoon. There’s cops stationed on both sides of the platform at just about every stop on my line.

There must be some sort of elevated threat level. Maybe it is a drill or something.

Whatever it is, there’s definately more police movement in the system for some reason.

Anyone know why?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

5 thoughts on “Elevated Police Activity in the Subway

  1. I’m not sure what line you are on. My sister was telling me that her commute was brutal for the 4th straight day. At some point the 4, & 5 must have been out based on a conductor’s announcement. The conductor announced that the 4 & 5 were back in service.

    I haven’t been on the rails the last few days. It seems I have missed some classic shitty commutes.


  2. my daughter called this morning to say a bomb went off at 29th and madison. I don’t see anything on the news. What’s up?


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