New Website Idea

This morning’s 3 train service was suspended north of 96th Street “because of a police investigation.” Ok, so that sounds like a good reason. A little security/safety is alright. But what were they investigating?

That’s SUBWAYblogger’s idea for a new website. There should be a site where you can go to see the “official” investigation reports any time there’s an unplanned service outage.

Everytime there’s a service disruption in the middle of rush hour, straphangers are left wondering what the hell it was for. A site that pulled all that info together would be awesome.

Unfortunately, it would probably be reliant upon the police filing their reports in a timely manner. The interest would probably wear off if a report didn’t become available until weeks later.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “New Website Idea

  1. I live near Coney Island in B’klyn. Jackass transit workers come out of the Stillwell Avenue Control Office, get a few beers in them and brag about how they sometimes feel like Chinese food so they go ahead and phone an order in to Chinatown in Manhattan and then shut down the entire N, north or south bound, dependent upon whether they’re on the way into the city to pick up the food or into B’klyn to bring it back to Stillwell.That’s just one example of the blatant abuses inflicted upon the general public by a few jerks flexing they’re tiny little muscles.All commuter interruptions should be strictly monitored, classified and documented. We the people should demand this, because we’re the ones getting screwed daily.Ever notice how the transit system slows considerably every time the transit worker contracts are up for renewal?These people are terrorists and no one is stopping them or doing anything about it.


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