Best Subway Ad Campaign

Winner…Jameson whiskey. Have you seen this campaign? It is by far my favorite in a long time.

Finally, a campaign with a good sense of humor specifically targeted at subway riders. Here’s some favorite quotes…

Why people enjoy Jameson

“Maybe because ‘Next round on me’ is easier to understand than ‘stanclearclosindoor’.”

“Maybe people like Jameson because the ads give you something to stare at when you don’t know where to look.”

“Maybe because whiskey is the nectar of the gods. Right after wine and milk and maybe honey.”

There’s plenty more too. Each one gave me a little laugh. I especially like the one that says “stanclearclosindoor.” They really spelled it that way too.


Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

5 thoughts on “Best Subway Ad Campaign

  1. Respectfully, I disagree. I think the award should go to the “Don’t shake the baby” ads. The whole obvious-bad-things-not-to-do-to-a-baby campaign gets my vote.


  2. I do agree. The Jameson ads are classy.

    The “I take birth control but still wear a condom everytime” ads aren’t hitting the right demographic. Those should be printed in high schools. People riding the subway need alcohol, especially after work.

    Besides, the green is pretty.


  3. The Jameson ads are funny but think of all the AA people trying to keep sober and then they look up at those ads. They must think the subway is sending them a message. Haaaave a driiiiiink…….


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