Heat evicts bums

This weekend, New Yorkers saw their first run of hot weather. It wasn’t even that hot, but it was enough to break a good sweat.

It makes SUBWAYblogger dread the first true heatwave. You know it’s coming, and it just sucks to think about it mostly because of the dreadful heat in the subway.

The only nice thing about the subway heat is that it drives most of the homeless guys out of the subway. It is simply to damn hot to make the express platform your livingroom. So, they tend to head for street level.

Consequently, the smell of feet and human crap goes down. So do the obnoxious catcalls by the drunk, perverted ones.

Then again, the unfortunate part is that they end up wandering your neighborhood. They take up all the nice park benches. They root through your trash more.

Here’s hoping that the city finally steps up to address the subway homeless problem. All the local papers keep running articles about how the problem keeps getting worse. Mabye City Hall will finally listen? Doubt it.

After all, we are the only country in the world capable of having over weight homeless people.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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