Subway Fashion Fugly


Just about every outfit you see on the subway is a “fashion don’t.” Did you ever find yourself riding the train wondering if you are the only normal looking one on board?

In the winter, it’s cold. People just look like idiots because they are wearing whatever they can to stay warm. In the summer though, people are clearly not thinking, or have simply giving up. To some extent, I can understand giving up when it is a million degrees out.

Anyway, here’s some major fashion don’ts that you’ll find on every train. Sorry ladies, but most of them fall on you.

1. Pants that are 4 to 6 sizes too small. Sorry lady, you shouldn’t be buying the same size jeans you wore when you were 14 years old. Where in the Hispanic and African community did someone decide that it was sexy to barely be able to have your zipper reach the top? Sure, white girls are sometimes guilty too, but they are just plain sloppy. The African and Hispanic ladies wear them with purpose!

2. Women with breasts the size of toddlers that don’t wear bras. Just because the tank-top says “built in bra” doesn’t mean that it can hold 50 pounds of boob meat.

3. Some people just shouldn’t wear sandals. Nuff said.

Dice Man4. Sleeveless tee shirts (guys) where you cut the sleeves off yourself. Fellas, in case you didn’t know, the gym has this thing called a locker room where you can change out of your workout clothes. Also, Andrew Dice Clay wants his outfit back.

5. Strapless tops with non-strapless bras. Wasn’t this a redneck joke? You know you’re a redneck if you wear a strapless top with a bra that isn’t? Well, I swear I have seen a half dozen women like this already this year. Ok maybe a strapless top with a tank top under neath is ok. A little 80’s retro look is cool. But this is an all out BRA.

Strapless6. Sunglasses under ground. Ok, what the hell is this? Why do some women wear those huge chemistry goggle sunglasses on the train? It doesn’t make you look swank or mysterious. The only mystery is whether or not there is a person behind those manhole sized glasses. Honestly, theses sunglasses are getting so big that they could double as welding masks.

I’m sure you have some more of your own, so let’s hear them! Hit up the comments.

14 thoughts on “Subway Fashion Fugly

  1. Just in my own defense, I keep my sunglasses on because they’re prescription and it’s easier than changing. AND because they make me look mysterious and awesome.


  2. This isn’t much of a fashion problem but I think it’s funny when the weather gets warmer and most of the idiots riding the train don’t watch the freakin’ weather report so they ‘re wearing winter coats on it’s 65-70 degrees outside. Duh!!!!


  3. Haha 2 jaimie. Yeah, the sunglasses rock, but i guess that they dont serve a purpose on a subway platform. Well, unless ur tryna meet a guy or someone, tho, it just gets awkward. Oh well, just stick to a reasonable fashion sense ppl. 😀


  4. Hmmmm, Subway fashion NO-NO for me is when women wear something too tight that a burlap sack with potatoes inside look so much better and men who wear shorts with socks that look like they haven’t been near a washer for a century worn to the shin in their ape-like legs. Eyesore indeed!
    But you know, I kinda grew immune to these boo-boos tat in reality, the ultimate subway fashion NO-NO for me is yucky BODY ODOR!!!! Couldn’t stand it!!! Gross isn’t it?!


  5. She doesn’t look all that bad. Infact from what I can see of her face shes quite attractive. I hope commenting on other peoples clothes and weight makes you feel secure about yourselves, because at the end of the day I don;t want to see a naked 98 year old walking down the street, but if they coose to thats up to them. You have to learn to accept what otherpeople enjoy wearing.

    Fassion should NEVER come before comfort.


  6. Good, because if you can’t bring an intelectual retort to my answer then shut up. It’s just so sad when an oppinion is answered with nothing but childish commenting on the spelling and grammar and such. Whats next, “Yeah well… your momma’s fat!”. Cummon what is this first grade?

    If you have somehting to add to my oppinion or an intelectual comment with an opposing beliefe then please I’m happy to listen. Untill then keep shtun!


  7. OH MAN, calm down there, chief. If you’re going to get offended every time someone pokes fun at you, then you have no business being online in the first place.

    Secondly, “intelectual comment”? Seriously? Are you just baiting me now with your stupidity?


  8. Ya know what, I did have a huge comment to post, but at the end of the day it’ll will be met by the same no brained responses.

    What with used condom boy here, why should I expect any less of morons? Ask for an intelectual answer from someone like him, and he’ll say “poo” and start giggling like a 4 year old girl.

    I only made a comment that was in opposition to your standard life affirming degrading comments, and the best you could come up with in response was to target my spelling errors. See to me a debate/argument/conversation goes like this.

    First oppinion
    Opposing oppinion


    First completly retarded oppinion
    Opposing oppinion

    But then again I forgot that in this degenerating culture, the intelegent and the intelectual are the underdog. That it’s cool to be a moronic drop out like this guy, who only seems to feel good about himself when insulting others, does it make you happy? is your mother proud of you?

    But who am I? I’m the guy that you think is stupid to want an intelectual response, (because I see all kinds of sense there!)so I’ll leave you to it, and leave you with a final word.

    One day you are going to say the wrong thing two the wrong person, and when you wake up to the EKG machine, think of me. You are such a tool.


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