Tallest man ever

I’m standing near the tallest man I have ever seen! How he rides the train is amazing to me.

He’s so tall that his shoulders touch the ceiling just inside the doors. He doesn’t just have to bend is neck a little to avoid hitting his head. He has to all out bend over!

On this kind of train, the ceiling is about 8 inches lower where the doors are. One you move into the middle of the isles, it is higher. So he has to stand there. Even then, he isn’t missing hitting his head by much.

Getting on to this train, he looks like a grown-up trying to climb into the jungle gym at McDonalds. The door clearance is even lower than the ceiling inside.

It must be nuts seeing him go through the turnstile. The bar must hit him in the knees!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

One thought on “Tallest man ever

  1. How tall do you think this person is? I am guessing based on this description he sounds to be around 7,6″ or possibly even 7,7″ but I doubt any taller or otherwise he might get recognized for being the tallest man in the world lol!


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